We are delighted to be working alongside the Knights of St Columba over the next three years, in collaboration with Missio Scotland, enabling us all to live out our baptismal calling to be missionaries of God’s love. 

In the first year, the Knights of St Columba are working to support the Lindalva Centre in Cambodia, and similar centres across the world, in dioceses which are too young or too poor to support themselves.

Donations to this campaign will help provide children with the chance of an education and a place of safety in which to play.Sr Eulie, a missionary from the Philippines caring for children in Cambodia

   £5 could pay for school books for one child for a year

   £25 could provide lunch for 60 children for one day

   £36 could pay for a teacher for 1 month

 For more information please contact us at: office@missio.scot