Missio Scotland does not receive any special funding from the government, local authority or public body, our income is made up entirely of donations made from individuals. These donations are received through a variety of methods, for example: some people give us £10 per month via Standing Order, Catholic primary schools may hold a bake sale for our benefit, or a prayer group may collect 50p a week from each member.

However you give, you can tell us which society the donation is for and we will always make sure that your money will get there.

Remember our societies are:
—Society for the Propagation of the Faith
—Missionary Children
—Society of St Peter Apostle
—Pontifical Missionary Union

And of course we have general fund that helps sustain our charity and continue our work without affecting the fundraising income for each of our societies. You can learn more about our societies by clicking on the About tab on this website.

Our main source of fundraising is through World Mission Sunday, the second last Sunday in October, where every parish around the world holds a collection at Mass for the missions. Perhaps you didn’t know that this collection was for Missio Scotland?

You might want to know how our money gets to where it’s needed most. Every year our National Director (Fr Vincent Lockhart, at present) attends a General Assembly in Rome with all other National Directors to discuss applications for funding that has been received.

Applications are submitted for projects, usually by a Religious Order or Not For Profit Group in areas where there is a defined need and a project responding to that need. For example, Sister Placida from the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception are based in Kericho, Kenya where there is a need for a project to support children living with disabilities. The sisters there completed an application for support and submitted it to the bishop in the diocese where they were working. The bishop there, agreed that this project had merit and approved it to be considered for funding at the upcoming General Assembly meeting. Upon discussion, it was decided that Missio Scotland would honour a grant to this project for 2016.

Projects for consideration are limited to two or three from each diocese, so the bishops have important decisions to make to prioritise projects that are most in need of support.