Do not be afraid… I will rescue you
Missio Scotland has previously paired up with our Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) partner in Australia to help support the work of missionaries around the world. One such example can be seen via the work of the PMS in India in offering practical, emotional and spiritual care to children facing horrific situations such as child trafficking, child labour and extreme poverty.

In India, child trafficking and child labour is the reality for 12 million children—many of them girls—who have been stolen from, or sold by, their families against their will, and forced to work as domestic slaves, street beggars, child labourers or prostitutes. Some even have their precious body organs removed and sold on the black market. Distressingly, these innocent children are seen simply as commodities.

To try and tackle this nightmarish situation, Indian missionaries like Sister Clara and her fellow Salesian sisters work tirelessly day-in and day-out to rescue hundreds of these frightened young children from the tragic reality of child trafficking, child labour, prostitution and begging. The sisters then provide a safe haven for them at their Marialaya Children’s Home.

For Sr Clara, Faith and action go together, so she also helps these girls see their worth as a beloved child of God by offering education, medical care, vocational and leadership training, counselling and spiritual formation. Helping Faithful missionaries such as Sr Clara in India and across the world can help them to reach out and rescue young girls from horrific situations such as child trafficking, child labour and extreme poverty.

A 1098 childline run by Marialaya in an extraordinary collaboration with the local police is also operated by the sisters. The 1098 number is a crucial community outreach service which identifies children at risk, rescues them from extreme and desperate situations and refers them to the police, who then place the children in safe homes like Marialaya. The 1098 child line is promoted heavily throughout Marialaya’s vast network of taxi drivers and community members, as well as at booths in busy public areas such as train stations.

The 1098 service is so well promoted that children from all over India know that if they are in danger, they can call this number, free of charge, or go to a booth, at any time, day or night, and they will be rescued and provided with a safe haven.  Hundreds of children have also been rescued thanks to community members calling this service when they have seen a child who is distressed or vulnerable.

The dedication, conviction and Faith of missionaries such as Sr Clara, who are reaching out, and rescuing girls from extreme and desperate situations such as child trafficking, child labour, prostitution and begging, is inspiring. As a Faithful supporter, it is thanks to your gifts and prayers that we can continue to support the work of dedicated missionaries such as Sr Clara, rescuing young girls, who without your help, would be destined to a lifetime of exploitation, poverty and desperation.